Q1. Which VRcomfy product will work with my VR headset?

VRcomfy Mask will work with: 

  • HTC Vive

VRcomfy Sweatband will work with: 

  • Playstation VR (PSVR)


Q2. What materials are used to make VRcomfy products?

VRcomfy Mask and VRcomfy Sweatband are 100% fabric and made of organic bamboo/cotton.

Q3. How are VRcomfy products attached to VR headsets? Are there any extra Velcro, elastics, straps, snaps, buttons, adhesives, stickers, etc. to install?

VRcomfy® products are 100% fabric and use no additional fasteners. They tuck in quickly and stay in place using only the existing features of each VR headset. See Use and Care Instructions for more information. 


Q4. Are VRcomfy products washable?

VRcomfy Mask and VRcomfy Sweatband can be machine washed and machine dried with your regular laundry. Simply smooth out the fabric with your fingers if there are any wrinkles after the drying cycle. On short drying cycles, additional drying time may be required due to the absorbent inner layer.

Q5. Are VRcomfy products reversible?

Yes, VRcomfy Mask and VRcomfy Sweatband are reversible. You can use both sides before washing.

Q6. Can you iron VRcomfy products?

Yes, you can iron VRcomfy Mask and VRcomfy Sweatband on VERY LOW setting. However, if there are any wrinkles after the dryer cycle, we recommend simply smoothing out the fabric with your fingers.

Q7.  Can I use VRcomfy products to clean my VR lenses?

We do not recommended cleaning VR lenses with VRcomfy products. Instead, use an air dust blower with soft brush or a lens cleaning cloth.


Q8. Do VRcomfy products activate the sensor on VR headsets?

VRcomfy Mask and VRcomfy Sweatband may shift during regular use and/or after taking off the headset. This may active the sensor. For this reason, we recommend you remove VRcomfy products completely when headsets are not in use.

Q9. Does VRcomfy Mask block out unwanted light from coming into VR headsets?

For certain types of headsets such as the Google Daydream View and the Samsung Gear VR, VRcomfy Mask will block out some unwanted light from coming in the sides.

Q10. Do VRcomfy products cover the nose portion of the headset or block the nose gap?

No, VRcomfy Mask and VRcomfy Sweatband do not cover the nose portion or block the nose gap in any way.

Q11. Do VRcomfy products affect the focal distance or field of view (FOV)?

VRcomfy Mask and VRcomfy Sweatband are just over 1mm thick and do not affect the focal distance or the field of view (FOV) in any way.

Q12.  How do VRcomfy products differ from other VR comfort solutions?

While also acting as VR covers, VRcomfy products are primarily designed to protect the wearer's face from coming into constant contact with VR headsets.

VRcomfy products cover portions of the foam, pads, plastic and/or fabric on VR headsets that would otherwise come into contact with skin—absorbing sweat and helping to keep headsets clean.

VRcomfy products:
  • Go on and come off in a few seconds
  • Are easy to use and maintain
  • Use no additional fasteners, Velcro, elastics, straps, snaps, buttons, adhesives or stickers
  • Stay in place using only the various features of each VR headset
  • Are reversible and machine washable 

VRcomfy Mask fits goggle-type VR headsets (e.g., HTC Vive)

VRcomfy Sweatband fits halo-type headsets with soft rubber masks (e.g., Sony Playstation VR)
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