INSTRUCTIONS | VRcomfy Mask for Oculus Rift


  1. Place VRcomfy Mask on the headset, tuck in the sides and lift the front edge of the face plate slightly
  2. Using both hands, tuck both the cheek flaps into the small gaps at once. Ensure that the flaps extend through the gaps about 1/4" (approx. 6 mm)
  3. Press the face plate back into place and adjust VRcomfy Mask over the foam.
  4. Bring the headset up to your cheeks first, then pull the headband over the back of your head.  
  5. Reverse VRcomfy Mask to use the other side.
  6. For best results, see Adjusting VR headsets.

    Caring for VRcomfy Mask

    • To prevent activating the auto-sensor, always remove VRcomfy Mask when not using your headset.
    • Machine wash and dry VRcomfy Mask with your regular laundry.
    • If there are any wrinkles after the drying cycle, simply smooth out the fabric with your fingers.
    • Due to the cotton inner layer, VRcomfy Mask may require additional drying time.

    Using VRcomfy Mask with prescription glasses

    • VRcomfy Mask will work with most prescription glasses.
    • Glasses with very large lenses, extra wide frames or very flexible frames are not recommended.
    • With some frames and headsets, it is easier to remove the headset with your prescription glasses inside.  You can then take your glasses from the headset before putting them back on.
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